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With technology developing at an extraordinary pace,  we wanted to be at the forefront in offering Greener Energy solutions.

Environmental issues will have an impact on us all. Advancements in how we manage, use and pay for our utilities are becoming more readily available and the cost of installation is less prohibitive for many.  We work with clients to assess and develop strategies to reduce their energy consumption, find greener alternatives and save them money.


We are heading for some major changes to how we move around over the next few years. This has seen a number of major developments and an increase in purchase and hire of Electric Vehicles.

If you are investigating the options of a hybrid of electrical vehicle you may need to consider having an EV Charge Point installed at your home or workplace.


The great news is... we are qualified and certified to install EV Charging Points.


OLEV Grants 

OLEV is a government based grant scheme to help those investing in the new EV technology to have a suitable charge point installed at home, workplace or business. More information can be found here, or an for a brief overview see below:




As of 1st April 2020 you can now get a grant of upto £350* per charge point, maximum of 2 points per household. There is a eligibility criteria which more information can be found on the OLEV website or contact us.



As of 1st April 2020 under the OLEV scheme you can claim upto £350* per EV charging point. This is done via a voucher claim scheme which business must apply for prior to installation of the charge point.

Claim vouchers here

Its important to bare in mind that there are some very technical requirements for a safe installation of EV charge point, mainly because you are more exposed to electrical hazards when you are outside in contact with true earth or ground. It is there for very important to choose the right contractor for the job and certainly you should never undertake this work yourself!

Who we work with


What We Offer

  • Onsite visit for quotation

  • Inspection of your existing installation *

  • Installation carried out to high standards of work

  • Warranty as standard


*Installations must meet a minimum standard of BS7671 wiring regulations before any works can be out. If we notice anything that may impact on the installation of the charge point you will be informed and quoted for the required works. This may affect installation of the EV charging point. 

*Information is taken from the UK government Office for Low Emission Vehicles website, we take no responsibility for changes  to policies or unclaimable installations.