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The EV Generation is here!

If you are looking to purchase an EV or plug in hybrid and would like a quote for an EV charging point, feel free to give us a call! Most of the time, it is necessary to carry out a site survey to provide you with information and also an accurate quote. 

Our preferred EV chargers are the MyEnergi Zappi charger (which works great with Solar PV if you are thinking of having it installed or are lucky enough to already have it on your roof), and the Easee One charger. 

We install EV chargers for the home as well as commercial chargers for the work place. 

Onsite visit for quotation

Inspection of your existing installation *

Installation carried out to high standards of work

Warranty as standard

Free standing Electric vehicle charger

OZEV Grants 


As of 1st April 2020 under the OLEV scheme you can claim upto £350* per EV charging point. This is done via a voucher claim scheme which business must apply for prior to installation of the charge point.

Claim vouchers here

Its important to bare in mind that there are some very technical requirements for a safe installation of EV charge point, mainly because you are more exposed to electrical hazards when you are outside in contact with true earth or ground. It is there for very important to choose the right contractor for the job and certainly you should never undertake this work yourself!

*Installations must meet a minimum standard of BS7671 wiring regulations before any works can be out. If we notice anything that may impact on the installation of the charge point you will be informed and quoted for the required works. This may affect installation of the EV charging point. 

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